About Me

My name is Ekaterina Zimodro and I’m an illustrator with a passion for drawing space, cats and human emotions. I’ve been drawing my feelings and dreams since I was old enough to hold a pencil and have loved every minute of it since.

I love to put myself into my pieces when I want to focus on the emotion that excites me at the moment. Actually in my artworks I want to deliver my message about the duality of human feelings and emotions. On the one side they often catch us completely and become for us the entire world. It often seems like we can do nothing to choose what to feel. On the other side every our emotion is just a space vibration and we can always choose which feeling to focus on like gamers in a beautiful whimsical game that we call our life. I enjoy drawing space and use the surreal style in my illustrations to show the human as a child of the Universe.

I also have a big fascination with animals and love to draw them when I’m in the mood to create something fancy and cool.

All of my illustrations are available for purchase as prints on tees, wall art, and other cool stuff. Welcome to my world, check out my shop & feel free to contact me.